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The era of series

In the past you would watch movies – either at the cinema or on DVD’s. TV series were not as popular. Partly, because there were not many of them and even then, the vast majority was of low quality...

Music - Live or at home

Everyone listens to music – with no exception. Of course, often it is not even our decision, it just happens. Shopping centers, car radios, and even the background in the film uses music, whether we want it or not. However, it cannot be denied that we also tend to listen to the sounds of music fully consciously. Music can put us in a certain mood. It can sadden us, motivate, cheer up, delight us, or even frighten and disgust us. Such a powerful tool should be "consumed" only under appropriate conditions.

In Salvador Dali’s world

One of the most well-known artists in the XX century is the Catalan painter – Salvador Dali. He, the incredibly charismatic individualist, created multiple pieces of art, images on the verge of reality and dream. They left behind a very strong footprint in the artistic world.

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