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Music - Live or at home

Everyone listens to music – with no exception. Of course, often it is not even our decision, it just happens. Shopping centers, car radios, and even the background in the film uses music, whether we want it or not. However, it cannot be denied that we also tend to listen to the sounds of music fully consciously. Music can put us in a certain mood. It can sadden us, motivate, cheer up, delight us, or even frighten and disgust us. Such a powerful tool should be "consumed" only under appropriate conditions.

It is said that every artist earns the most not by selling records, because this profit goes primarily to producers, but from concerts. However, not every person can afford, both due to financial situation and due to their own health condition, to participate in this form of entertainment.

Arguments for the concert

Nothing is more fun than seeing your favourite artist live. This is a definite plus that can overshadow any subsequent negative. This allows not only to get to know the performer a little better, but also fully appreciate the way every sound is created. Sometimes band or artist introduces special changes in songs just for the sake of the concert, which can sometimes create something better than the original song. The "feeling" of music is also very important – every note will be truly appreciated and felt on a personal level.

But nothing is perfect

It should be remembered that the organization of the concert is not cheap at all. This means that the artist and his company want to gain money not just break it even or make a slight loss. Therefore, concerts are often a very expensive event. Depending on the artist's popularity and the size of the event itself, it can range from several dozen to hundreds dollars.

As this is a public event, being present during the concert means facing a large number of people. Noise, sweat, squeezing are just a few of the many not so favorable parts of being in a crowd. Everyone who intends to take part in the concert must be fully prepared for it.